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The Technical Writer will work closely with our product specialists to create and maintain technical documentation for our company’s automation products such as PLCs, HMIs, drives, and motors. Included in the range of product documentation are selection guides, user manuals, catalog technical pages, product inserts, frequently asked questions, quick-start guides and software help files. With our direct sales business model, the presentation of complex information in a clear and concise manner is critical so that our customers can easily select and use our automation products.


  • Work closely with subject matter experts to collect source material, develop documentation plan and create product technical documentation as part of a formal new product launch process
  • Work closely with subject matter experts to develop, adapt and follow project schedule and deadline for the creation of the product documentation
  • Guide the product documentation through a process of multiple reviews
  • Deliver completed electronic product documentation to support new product launch date
  • Maintain and enhance existing product documentation as long as product is available for sale


  • Technical degree preferred
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience working in a technical writing position is required
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skill is required
  • Excellent computer skills required
  • Strong attention to detail is required
  • Experience with industrial control and automation products is a plus
  • Experience with desktop and online help publishing programs such as Adobe InDesign and Flare is a plus
  • Experience with graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, SnagIt is a plus

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