Webinar: Write Tight(er): A Fast, Pain-Free Technique for Creating Concise, Compelling, Less-Costly Copy with Marcia Riefer Johnston

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Location: Online Event
Date: September 20, 2016
Time: 7:00pm
We all want to create concise, compelling messages. But even the best writers use filler words that dull their messages and turn readers off. Who knows what opportunities you may have lost due to writing you didn’t even know was flabby.
Marcia has perfected a time-saving, pain-free technique that you can use to eliminate filler words (and sentences and paragraphs) from any text. This technique takes the guesswork out of concise writing by showing you exactly what to look for.
Once you’ve got this technique down, you’ve got it forever. You’ll know how to…
  • Increase keyword density.
  • Cut translation costs.
  • Bring your writing to a 24-carat, attention-getting luster.
About Marcia:
Marcia is the author of Word Up! and You Can Say That Again. She has played many roles in many workplaces, always with writing at the core (not counting those summers working at the Dairy Queen, where she eventually got the hang of making that little curlicue). In grad school, she studied short-story writing under Ray Carver and Toby Wolff back before storytelling became a business buzzword. She jumped into technical writing back when WYSIWYG meant what you see is what you get out of your typewriter. Ever since, she has loved all things tech comm. That’s a lot of things. Currently, among other gigs, she works with the Content Marketing Institute as managing editor of content on content strategy, intelligent-content content, and other content-flavored content.


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