STC Atlanta: Call for Volunteers

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STC Atlanta: Call for Volunteers

The Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication is looking for volunteers to help with the administration and service of the chapter.

What’s your reason for not getting involved? It’s easier than you think!

I’m new to the profession. STC leaders have to have a lot of experience.

STC leaders were new once, too, and had to get started somewhere. STC Atlanta is a great place to get experience. Try your hand at presentations. Take on a big project, such as organizing the writing competition, a mentoring program, or a fundraiser. Take on a small project, such as lining up a program one month. Work out logistics for a meeting: the place, the food, etc. If you’re a student, volunteer as the Student Liaison. Come on, get started.

Been there. Done that.

For those of you who were involved years ago, come back. STC Atlanta would love to have your experiences help move us forward. Share lessons learned. Tell us what was great about “the old days.” Mentor the next generation. Help to join the past with the present and future.

I’m not an STC member. Can I still help?

Certainly. Non-members have always been welcome at STC Atlanta. We charge non-members to attend meetings; however, if you are actively engaged in service and contributing to the chapter, you’re considered a Friend of the Chapter. You won’t get the benefits of being a full, paid member of STC, and you can’t hold an elected office at any level or vote in elections or in council meetings, but you can participate in and enjoy activities of the Atlanta chapter.

I don’t really know anyone on the STC Atlanta Council/in STC.

Well, what better way to get to know people than to interact with them? STC Atlanta is a great way to meet people. Whether you want to network or make new friends (you already have at least one thing in common!), you can do that by getting more involved with the chapter.

I don’t know how I could help.

The field of Technical Communication these days includes so many roles. If you’re in the field, you have a skill or talent that has a place with STC Atlanta. Graphic design, web design, writing (!), project management, marketing, UX, instructional design, and a dozen other areas of experience or expertise can be applied to chapter administration.

I work from home/have a strange work schedule so can’t get to meetings.

To address the issue of time and transportation, STC Atlanta is working to offer more webinars this year. But STC Atlanta is more than meetings or webinars. You can help with the website, write a blog entry, get active with Twitter or Facebook, contact folks to seek sponsorships, maintain membership rolls, and other tasks that can be accomplished from home and out of “normal” business hours.

I already have a million things to do – I can’t add anything else.

This is the most common reason that people don’t get involved: the fear of over committing. Atlanta STC can accommodate whatever time you can, or want, to spend with us.

We can even break it down for you. How much time do you have?

5-15 minutes total. Send an email with a suggestion for a program, a free/inexpensive meeting place, or a fundraiser. Ask your company to become an STC sponsor. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join the LinkedIn group, or follow the peach on Instagram.

20-90 minutes total. Write a post for the STC Atlanta web site. Arrange a meeting program. Join a webinar. Attend a council meeting. Help with social media.

As you can. Become an STC Atlanta “ambassador” and intentionally promote STC through your other affiliations or at work, or periodically attend other events to get STC’s name out there.

2-6 hours total. Develop and give a presentation/webinar for the chapter. Create a video for the website.

3-8 hours total. Work on a fundraiser. Organize a social event for STC Atlanta, such as a Braves Game or the GA Aquarium, bowling, or any other fun thing to do in Atlanta and environs.

12 or more hours total. Organize a fundraiser, help with the writing competition, or a mentor program. Work on web design.

2 hours a month. Volunteer to be Chapter Historian, Membership Manager,  Student Liaison, or assist at a chapter function.

3-4 hours a month. Volunteer to be Hospitality Host/Hostess (when we have physical meetings), Membership Manager, Web Content Editor or contributor, or Public Relations Manager.

4-6 hours a month. Volunteer to be Web Master, Employment Manager, or Program Manager. Run for an elected office, such as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, or President.

See? Whatever time you can spend, we have something you can do.

Interested? Of course you are! To get started, send us an email describing how you would like to get involved at [email protected]. We’ll find the perfect fit for you.

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